Virtual Reality (VR) for factory cell comparison is a project which envisioned the generation of a virtual reality environment to facilitate the comparison of a newly designed battery cell, incorporating RF technology against a traditional battery cell design.

As part of the project, HSSMI needed to identify specifications, procure, deliver, and set up a full VR system at the AGM batteries facility in Thurso. In addition to this HSSMI also provided set up training and troubleshooting assistance.


HSSMI was responsible for the creation of the virtual environment. One which could facilitate the comparison of the smart cell battery against traditional cells represent each of the different components forming a battery pack pop-up relevant information and give users information about the AGM battery technology and other current projects.

HSSMI was also responsible for the development of the VR scene, including the optimisation of the supplied CAD assets to be integrated into the game engine, also the creation of corresponding dynamic animations and the definition of different physics and interactions.


A VR environment which demonstrates the innovative technology for the new lithium battery

and cell sector. The model showcases AGM’s cutting-edge projects, which provides an interactive introduction to

the concept, and depicts how the technology can be used.

The following objectives were achieved:

Data capture from AGM, this includes all the CAD data and the information to be displayed in the scene.

Data composition, optimisation and reorganisation of the tree structure of the CAD data

Creation of the animations

Development of the full logic of the model

Verification & validation

Feedback gathering



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