Project Aim

Risk Assessment for Collaborative Environments (RACE) is a feasibility study which envisioned the development of a simulation tool to perform virtual risk assessments of collaborative applications.

Using inputs such as the robot’s program and/or task, the operator’s task and CAD models of the workstation and the production facility, a simulation is performed to identify any risk of collision between the robot and the operator. This tool will then enable quicker risk assessments to be performed and to design safe, collaborative applications, according to current safety regulations for collaborative robots.

The Challenge

Develop a virtual tool as an add-on feature of an existing simulator which:

- enables simulating both the operator task and the robot task

- detects collisions

- estimates collision forces and pressures

- estimates if the application is compliant with safety standards

The Solution

A tool that shortens the time for risk assessment using virtual validation and provides recommendations on how to install collaborative robots into a facility in the safest possible manner. The tool will also help in evaluating the risks associated with collaborative robots, and designing a safe workstation before a physical installation takes place.



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