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Bringing Colleges, Students, and Manufacturers Together to Meet Demand for Digital and Green Skills

Image: © NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock   The UK has set the ambitious objective of achieving net zero by 2050. While most UK manufacturers are aware of this target, according to MakeUK’s 2021 Green Skills Survey, businesses also remark that several challenges remain and that their workforces do not yet have the skills required to […]

HyDIME – Exploring the Feasibility of the World’s First Dual Diesel/Hydrogen Injection Ferry

  The marine sector is responsible for 3.3% of global CO2 production, with figures from the European Environment Agency (EEA) suggesting that this will rise significantly, if the marine industry does nothing to reduce its environmental impact. It is therefore critical that the sector develops and deploys new forms of low emission propulsion systems to […]

Waste-to-Wings Project – Decreasing Aviation Emissions by Producing Fuel from Municipal Waste

  Air transport accounts for 11.6% of total transport emissions at the moment. The UK’s Department for Transport has estimated that moving away from conventional jet fuel towards more sustainable alternatives could cut annual emissions from the aviation industry by up to 23 megatonnes. Recognising this and the significant benefits to be gained from a […]

CO-VERSATILE – Strengthening Resilience of Manufacturing Operations

  Learning Lessons from the Pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic forced many manufacturing businesses to respond rapidly or shut down production due to measures implemented to curb the spread of the virus. Manufacturing and distributing vital medical equipment became a major challenge. Several unforeseen spikes in demand for essential medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPE) […]

Why Does the UK Need a Lithium Supply Chain?

Image: Imerys extraction site in Cornwall, © Imerys Minerals Limited   Addressing an Over-Reliance on Imports In order to meet future manufacturing demand, a domestic supply of lithium will need to be carefully balanced through mining and a well-established battery recycling industry, data drawn from research carried out by HSSMI as part of the Co-production […]

CO-VERSATILE Digital Technopole to Unlock The Power of European Manufacturers and Help SMEs Repurpose Their Production Facilities in Response to Urgent Societal Needs

  – Led by Budapest-based SZTAKI, the EU’s CO-VERSATILE project reached a new milestone in steering collaboration of the European manufacturing market players – – The ‘Digital Technopole’ will lift Europe’s preparedness to counteract future disruptions and shortages to new heights –   20 April, Budapest, Hungary – CO-VERSATILE, the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project, today […]