Virtual Engineering

“To provide low cost, high functionality and collaborative virtual engineering environment on every engineer’s desk”

 To encourage the deployment of smart digital tools to support manufacturing systems.

To provide novel solutions to complex manufacturing systems and ensure a short ramp-up phase.

To deliver an enhanced visualisation of systems and processes to allow end users to interact with state of the art digital models.


Key Competencies and Services

Manufacturing simulation

Capacity planning, material flow and process simulation

Bill of Process Development

3D factory

CAD data management (Facility & machines)

Workstation analysis

Walkthroughs, build plans, clash detection, lighting

Productivity Tools


Collaborative document creation

Working instructions

Design/layout assessment

Knowledge capture (360 video scan, Health Monitoring)

Use of AR & VR for training & maintenance

Augmented Manufacturing Reality (AMReality)

A collaborative research and development project funded by the Technology Strategy Board involving HSSMI’s Virtual Engineering and Automation group and Energy, Recovery and Low Carbon Powerpack group. The project aims to augment digital and physical sensor data to create different views of the manufacturing facility depending on the role of the user.

Partners: DBR & Associates, Majenta Solutions, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Inotec, Ford, Fully Distributed Systems

SELf – SUStaining Manufacturing Systems (SELSUS) – EU

The vision of SELSUS is to create a new paradigm for highly effective, self-healing production resources and systems, to maximise t
heir performance over longer life times through highly targeted and timely repair, renovation and upgrading.

ARTEMIS EU Project – Arrowhead

The Arrowhead project aims to standardise device and communication protocols to a new EU standard. The UK consortium will focus on energy monitoring within the manufacturing domain. HSSMI will provide energy monitoring devices on the factory floor, making the data available via the Arrowhead framework to the relevant partners for analysis and evaluation.[/pane]

CNH Engineering Support Services

We are providing an engineering support service to facilitate the procurement, process engineering and simulation of a new manufacturing facility at Case New Holland Basildon. This project entails the research and evaluation of suitable production methods and technologies; proposing a new production system, as well as delivering the necessary process planning details and ergonomic validation via virtual techniques.

Ford CAD Harvesting

This project entails the collection of CAD data in a neutrally specific format from a Ford’s machine vendors. This raw data is then simplified, converted and a lightweight model of assembly machines for the automotive industry is generated. The lightweight format is typically 95% smaller in size when compared to original Machine CAD and can be used for dynamic virtual simulation of assembly stations, to increase the lifecycle use of virtual models and to create a portable and collaborative virtual engineering environment.

Robust Statistical Analysis for Simulation Models in Car Manufacturing Industry– David Yang

Academic partner: University of Southampton, Dr Navid Izady

The project aims to develop robust statistical analysis models for simulation of the production line using WITNESS. The data will be presented in a graphical form that is easily understood by all users (e.g. productivity and process engineers).

Parametric Modelling of Hardened Valve Seat Machining – James Fletcher

Academic partner: Loughborough University, Dr Emrah Demirci

Finite element method (FEM) is a powerful numerical tool for simulating multi-physics problems and predicting response of structure in the numerical environment. One of the applications of FEM is machining. The goal of finite element studies is to derive a computational model predicting the deformations, stresses and strains in the work piece, as well as the loads on the tool working under specific cutting parameters.