Circular Value Chains

“To innovate, develop and deploy intelligent value chains through circular manufacturing models

To support manufacturers to move towards the concept of a circular economy

To support manufacturers to develop information rich supply chain networks through the Internet of Things (IoT)

To improve the visibility of parts/products in processes and the supply chain

To support manufacturers to adopt new manufacturing concepts

Key Competencies and Services

New Business models

Circular Economy

Remanufacturing Readiness Level tool

Remanufacturing processes

Track and trace

RFID system applications

Intelligent Value chains

Supply chain mapping

Value stream mapping

Fuel Cell Recovery (FCR) Project

A collaborative project, funded by Innovate UK, to develop new:  product, process, supply chain and business model designs to enable product recovery for Hydrogen fuel cells.

Flexible Manufacturing

Harnessing the internet of things to set up distributed manufacturing networks.

Network of Excellence for Remanufacture

A collaboration between the UK’s leading remanufacturing organisation to create a network of excellence which will establish the UK as a world leader in remanufacturing.

Go Lo Co2 app development

Development of a new app to encourage the uptake of low carbon transportation in London.

Tyre Recycling using UHWP jets: revolutionising the tyre recycling process

Upscaling existing lab scale technology to production levels to deliver a step change in tyre recycling.

Safety Gate System

Development of a secure entry system to track authorised/unauthorised personnel in restricted areas in a factory.