As an organisation, HSSMI often hears questions from our customers and partners relating to data. “What data should I be capturing?”, “How do I analyse my data?”, “How does data make my business any money?”. With this in mind, we organised ‘Why Bother with Big Data?’, an event which brought together a diverse group of organisations and individuals ready to inform and discuss topics related to data, and aiming to answer some of those questions so frequently asked.

The event was held on the 12th July on the Loughborough in London campus and we were joined by specialists from organisations such as Signal Noise, IBM, Majenta Solutions, dseCONSULTING, Quick Release, Keboola and Optex. We also had representatives from the Digital Engineering and Test Centre and Miappi who all brought something extra to the day. For more information on the event and some of the interesting topics discussed, please take a look at our post-event publication.

For more information on #WhyBigData and future events, please contact Victoria Tewes, Strategic Account Manager, via




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