8 09, 2017

2degrees joins HSSMI as Innovation Partner

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HSSMI, the independent institute collaborating with manufacturers, academic institutes and solution providers to support innovation in the manufacturing sector, is today announcing a new partnership. 2degrees, the world’s largest community for sustainability professionals, has joined HSSMI as an Innovation Partner. 2degrees brings together business leaders, brands and their manufacturing suppliers, policy experts and academics to cut [...]

14 08, 2017

Overcoming Limitations of Additive Manufacturing Through Advances in CAD Technology

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Boundless benefits of additive manufacturing have the potential to transform many industries across the globe. The technology minimises design restrictions, overcomes design complexity and supports green manufacturing initiatives. However, there are number of technical limitations that hinder its widespread commercial exploitation, particularly lack of suitability of conventional CAD with the functional requirements. A small scale [...]

20 07, 2017


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As an organisation, HSSMI often hears questions from our customers and partners relating to data. “What data should I be capturing?”, “How do I analyse my data?”, “How does data make my business any money?”. With this in mind, we organised ‘Why Bother with Big Data?’, an event which brought together a diverse group of [...]

13 07, 2017

Research into Holistic Immersive Collaboration

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The project envisions to create an environment for holistic and immersive collaboration i.e. connecting different visualisation options to a central, company-wide digital knowledge pool. The project is bringing together three gaming and one technology companies along with three automotive OEMs and HSSMI. The objective of the project is to shorten the time to ramp up [...]

12 07, 2017

Research into a Virtual Tool to Perform Risk Assessment for Collaborative Applications

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  The RACE (Risk Assessment for Collaborative Work Environment) project aims to develop a virtual tool to perform risk assessment for collaborative applications. From inputs like robot's program, operator's program and CAD model of the production part and the environment, a simulation is performed to reproduce the task while respecting the cycle time. A list [...]