The DRL steering group, chaired by HSSMI, has approved a range of initiatives in November. During the past nine months, HSSMI has led a Steering Group to devise an approach to the challenge of digital manufacturing; one that is clear, concise and can set businesses up to drive ambition and strategy.

The three pillars of DRL; technology, value creation and leadership, support an integrated approach to change that will be critical to delivering on the benefits that digital manufacturing will offer.

DRL has been developed along three tiers:

  1. A short ‘coffee break’ taster of concepts- an initial reference point to appreciate the breadth and balance of the DRL pillars and competencies – designed to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, unassisted.
  2. A longer ‘main meal’ assessment tool to deliver a depth of understanding that will allow businesses to focus on their own performance and identify a strategy for development – designed to take 40 to 80 to complete, unassisted.
  3. The DRL Steering Group members will also provide in depth long term assistance for companies to drive change and strategy; from manufacturing SME’s to multi-site OEM’s. This is in effect, a la carte bespoke advice by those that understand how to deploy change.

Following a series of validation exercises in the last two months, the Steering Group will make these tools available in November and December.

The infographic below demonstrates how pillars and competencies build into the strength of a digital thread. The image is owned by the DRL Steering Group. For more information and understanding on how to use DRL in your business please contact Dr. Leslie Lee: