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8 08, 2017


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Multi Agent Systems When describing agents in this context, we aren’t referring to someone with dark sunglasses and ear phones hanging down the back of their neck working for MI5. And no, they don’t work with landlords to get new tenants, nor do they help Cristiano Ronaldo sign a new contract with Manchester United. On [...]

31 07, 2017

Update on Digital Readiness Level (DRL)

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Digital Readiness Level (DRL) HSSMI and its partners have developed a new version of DRL – version three. Version three is a refined development of the tool. It maintains the key characteristics of be a balance of technical, value and leadership functions. We have adopted the term value as we feel it is important to [...]

12 07, 2017

Research into a Virtual Tool to Perform Risk Assessment for Collaborative Applications

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RACE   The Risk Assessment for Collaborative Environments (RACE) project aims to develop a virtual tool to perform risk assessments for collaborative applications. From inputs such as the robot’s program, the operator’s program and a CAD model of the production part and the environment, a simulation is performed to reproduce the task taking into account [...]

19 06, 2017

Digital Readiness Level

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Digital Readiness Level – developing an accessible model   In our work developing DRL we have observed a range of different entry points; some models offer an opportunity for in depth analysis, others an entry level approach for overview assessment. We discussed this issue recently at a meeting of the DRL steering group and we [...]