Supporting Manufacturing, Technology and Supply Chain development

HSSMI’s core activities can be related to four concepts:

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL)
  • Supply Chain Readiness Level (SCRL)
  • Data Readiness Level (DRL)

TRL and MRL are widely used in manufacturing to identify and illustrate the stages of product and process development, they have been established over a period of time and are popularly referred to in product development terminology. SCRL is a concept under development by HSSMI and its partners to illustrate the same principles relating to supply chain development.

The concept of readiness levels is to commonise and simplify reference to the widest range of stakeholders and ensure early identification of processes and technologies critical to technology, manufacturing and supply chain success.

The stages of development of TRL, MRL, SCRL and DRL are shown below. Starting on the left the process moves to the right:


Readiness Levels

Readiness Levels

It is important that organisations see the readiness levels working in parallel, that the development of one aspect does not lag behind the other. HSSMI can provide advice here.

HSSMI does not operate in the early TRL levels, it partners organisations that do.


TRL – Research in TRL 1 to 3 is undertaken in universities. HSSMI does not typically undertake this early stage research. HSSMI’s research is applied from TRL stages 4 onwards.

MRL – HSSMI undertakes MRL research from 1 to 9

SCRL – HSSMI is developing this research into this approach and is seeking partners to support its concepts and ideas

DRL РThis level is currently on progress. Aim is to drive business change  -changing data into information.

Engineering Services

HSSMI undertakes a range of bespoke activities to support its members and customers more widely. These projects focus on deployment, they use and benefit from research undertaken by HSSMI and its partner organisations.

Engineering Services projects and programmes work to provide commercial value. As an organisation that looks to re-invest in research, the close collaboration between research and Engineering Services provides excellent value to customers.


HSSMI is renowned for its work in the automotive sector where our partnerships continue to develop innovative solutions. Increasingly, we are being approached by partners in allied sectors who recognise the benefits of cross-over knowledge, process and innovation opportunities. Our core UK manufacturing markets include:

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Electronics
  • Renewables
  • Wider transport, including electric bicycles, Heavy Goods Vehicles and rail


Our work is focused on four manufacturing themes, all of which can be applied to the sectors listed above. More detail on our work within each theme can be found by clicking the links below.


Examples of our activities

H&S tool Hand held factory health and safety reporting tool
IP Box A strategic service for the generation and safeguarding of IP
Strategic leadership and planning Influencing internal and external audiences
Training Events, training and on-site support for Lean Manufacturing
Stakeholder engagement Programmes to facilitate partner and industry understanding and collaboration
Funding applications Identifying, applying for and liaising with funding sources