• Hands App Canva27th July 2015

    HandS App: Safety Redefined

    Our first product COMING SOON! HandS App is an initiative to simplify Health and Safety logging procedures within industry. No need to fill out long forms. Be responsible without compromising your time/work. A fast and secure method of reporting hazards and near misses. VISIT THE WEBSITE COMING SOON ON ANDROID:

  • electric-vehicle-charging-at-w-be945a0824th July 2015

    Survey reveals importance of public EV charging network

    Update on one of our projects that we’re collaborating on: HSSMI is working with KiWi Power, Carbon Trust and InnovateUK to investigate viable ways of integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into the national grid. And the first results from the latest EV survey have been announced.  The project will investigate commercially viable ways of integrating electric and fuel […]

  • 220th July 2015

    Manufacturing (Making Things) In The Future!

        HSSMI is taking pre-promotion launch expressions of interest to attend our planned event at the National Motorcycle Museum (Solihull) on 18th September based around the subject of Manufacturing (Making Things) In The Future. The event will be held in conjunction with Autodesk, Cranfield University, Innovate UK and KTN, and we will be discussing a range of […]

The School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough is a premier Manufacturing Research Institution. We are delighted to be part of HSSMI as it supports our basic principles of world-class industrial engagement combined with an effective route for the fruits of research to impact society.”

Professor Andy West, Loughborough University

We are extremely excited to be working with HSSMI and relish the opportunity to use our skills and expertise to develop an efficient supply base here in the UK. We can use our knowledge and training to ensure that SMEs as well as OEMs have the right infrastructure in place to support sustainable manufacturing.”

Dave Downes, Director, Majenta Solutions Ltd

I think the progress from the HSSMI is quite remarkable and the relationship / proximity to Ford very valuable. The growth is from my perspective entirely earned, with the HSSMI team offering highly desirable research / operational efficiency tool kits, which are world class.”

Graham Hoare, Global Director - Vehicle Evaluation and Verification, Ford Product Development

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