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We are an independent institute specialising in the application of digital techniques within manufacturing. We deliver a step change in the competitive UK industry against overseas competitors by increasing efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain, by introducing new technology rapidly, and by improving the environmental acceptability of manufacturing, particularly in urban areas.
We are positioned close to the industry end of the R&D spectrum between academia and market application and works to apply state of the art research from universities to the delivery of practical solutions which address the real needs of UK OEM’s and their supply chains.  We achieve this end by bringing together researchers and industrialists through the creation and leadership of effective collaborative project groups.
We rely on a combination of: long term support from its Strategic Members; a high success rate in winning collaborative R&D grants; and the delivery of commercial services to its customers.  As a result, HSSMI places a high value on customer delivery.
To achieve our vision and mission, we offer engineering services, collaborative projects and memberships. We have four work themes offering unique product and services for manufacturing sector.

Our Vision

To lead in providing outstanding value and knowledge for sustainable manufacturing

Our Mission

As an independent institute, we collaborate with manufacturers, other academic institutes and solution providers to deploy innovative technologies, tools and methods to support the manufacturing sector.




















Our Work Themes


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Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK (NMUK) joins HSSMI as a strategic member.
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